GTX 580 Noise level increased in the past week

so i'm wondering if i should be worried about my GTX 580. i have had it for almost a year. it has been fine up until last week, when the Fans have increased their noise level, and i've also noticed little glitches here and there. i should also note that i do not overclock and the fan speeds have not been touched

basically i have loud case Fans because it is an Antec 1200, normally i don't hear anything but them until last week when i loaded up a Game my Graphics got a lot louder than my case Fans. i use my computer constantly, almost 24/7 i only work three hours a day/2 days a week and i sleep for 5. so the other 16 hours a day i am Gaming on my PC or Watching movies or TV on it.

i Calculated that the computer has been in constant use this past year for 240 days.

at the rate i am using my computer should i be worried about my graphics card? recently in games i would notice a 3 second freeze followed by black screen on each game i start up, it only happens once lasts about 10 seconds over all, then everything is normal for the duration of my game. my movies/tv shows i notice halfway through the screen would pause but the sound would keep going for about 5 seconds, my computer even crashed once to a black screen during one of those pauses, and i had to power down and restart even though the sound is still playing and everything.

my card is still under warranty would these problems be enough for a replacement?

i read through the policy at the store i bought it from, doesn't say much about what they would do.

for the most part my computer works fine, these problems only happen once and awhile and not all the time.

any advice would be appreciated :D
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  1. What do your GPU temps look like?
  2. they are always normal around 50 on idle and up to 65-70 when running games, my antec 1200 keeps it cool, and it helps that i live in canada ;D
  3. Have you set any sort of fan usage profiles? For example, when it hits 60c have fan run at 60%, when it hits 70c have fan at 70%, etc.

    Or has the fan been running at the same %, just a lot nosier now?
  4. it is set to the Default Manufacturers speed, but the card just got noisier out of the blue
  5. Get MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision and see what speed the fan is set at. Is it loud at idle, and does it get louder while playing a game? Or is it silent at idle but loud during gaming?
  6. i also believe the 580s have auto fan controller it will increase the speed based on the temp and i already have evga precision i been keep an eye on it all week. right now the temp is at 47 and the speed of the fan is at 42, and it is as loud as if it were at 60%

    when playing a game the temp is at 60-70 depending on the game, the fan speed is at 47-50, the noise level is as loud as if it were at 70% fan speed. i know this cause my roommate has the same card but he uses fan speed profiles.
  7. Since your roommate has the same card, compare your fan RPM tachometer readings from EVGA Precision at the same fan speed % with his.
  8. Dustballs in the radiator? Since you did not change anything in the settings, and since it would be too early for a fan failure (although not impossible), I would check for things flying inside the case, like dustballs, that would periodically obstruct airflow and cause temporary heat dissipation problems. It takes very little time for a GPU or a CPU to overheat like that.
    I would check for those inside the case and in the GPU radiator; check case exhaust channels, too, while you're at it. Then, if not fixed, I would check with the manufacturer for firmware updates (if still in warranty) and as a last resort replacement, before it goes out of warranty.
  9. And also, I forgot to mention, a clean install of the drivers (like after manually removing the old drivers in safe mode before installing the new ones) could help with this issue if it sounds like it is happening every time you launch a game. Same goes for the Nvidia Control panel stuff.
  10. If you have or can get a can of compressed air you could try to clean out the air intake on the card to see it it being clogged up in any way.
  11. Bearing failures after 5000 hours are not unheard of. Increased noise in a rotating piece of equipment is typically a bearing or shaft issue, assuming that the two points of comparison have the same rpm.

    The above suggestions are the best, though. Anything that would cause an increase in rpm would cause the fan noise to go up. Clear any debris that could be inhibiting air flow. That could be dust balls or cables in the flow path. gmcizzle's suggestion for checking fan speeds via a program from MSI or EVGA will work but it doesn't sound like you have a baseline for the rpm, prior to the issue.
  12. i clean my computer monthly with a can of compressed air, one other issue i forgot to mention was that every few month the current drivers i am using would for some reason start causing problems, i would get the error message: (the Nvidia Display Driver as stopped Working) constantly and i usually go into safe mode use driver sweeper and remove all old drivers then reinstall new ones but of a different driver version, the same ones would cause more problems when i reinstalled them.
    currently i am on 275.33 as the 285.62 ones were causing that error repeatedly.
    also i cannot compare the Rpm to my roommates pc, as we both keep our PCs password protected to avoid living issues.

    also i appreciate your guys help so far, thank you
  13. When installing the new drivers, try to minimize the number of components that come with the package, like the 3D and such. I have noticed that the cleaner the install, the better stability I have. I am not using any 3D equipment on my PC, so I do not install these. I have only the basic driver and the Control panel currently and no issues, whereas before after installing the whole package I had same stability problems that you mentioned.
  14. Fan.
    I find it most likely that your fan is dying and becoming noisier. Investigate how to replace it.
  15. I'm also going with the fan bearings, dust, dirt, etc. as the issue rather than a driver problem. I wonder if a little WD-40 VERY carfully applied to the fan might help? Probably a bad idea, I know, but maybe not?
  16. Thank you, share!

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