Is it possible/safe to remove heatshield from Ripjaws?

Hey all,

Got myself a CoolerMaster Heatsink for my CPU. However, it comes down tightly onto one of my ram slots, which contains a 2GB Ripjaws memory stick. If possible, I'd like to remove it off the one stick so that it'll fit underneath and I can use the extra 2GB.

Anyone know a good tutorial somewhere (Google didn't show any results), or feel like posting a quick guide here?

Thanks ^.^
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  1. I belief you are talking just about the fan. In that case if like most CM fans it can be pushed up a few mm on the clips.
  2. The heatsink itself (the metal part) gets in the way too, sorry if I didn't make sense. To clarify the question, is it possible to remove the metal casing from g.skill ram, specifically the Ripjaws series?
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    It's definitely possible and the heatspeaders don't really serve much function on any memory to tell the truth. The sticks themselves aren't manufactured with the casing on there, so it's not structurally integrated. Most likely it's just held by some sort of snap to close the two sides around the memory and some thermal tape that can be wiggled free.
  4. Awesome, thanks!
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