Windows 7 64bit media issues

Finished building HTPC and installed windows 7 64bit. Media player will not open, media center plays dvd/cd but will not rip cd. shows message "Audio Error. This CD could not be ripped. Restart media center or computer." Tried downloading media monkey but only got thru first couple of prompts and then disappeared. Was successful downloading Jaangle but after computer restart, jaangle became non responsive. Also having issue with netflix not downloading movies. Have following hardware Asus M4a785TD-V-EVO AMD Phenom II x4 945 G Skill DDR3 1333 4GB Asus Xonar Essence ST WD Green Caviar 1.5TB LG Blu ray drive Any thoughts???
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  1. well it sounds like something with the mobo or i would check a system format to check if its anything software related.

    you should also chcek the regular things like CPU heat and so on please post back with any updates you have about the problem and ill try to help you as much as i can.

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