500W is it enough?


I am building a new computer and found this PSU at what looks like a pretty good price. Below are the basic specs of the computer I'm looking to build. Need to know if the PSU will be enough.


CPU: i5 2500k
MoBo: AS Rock Z77 (includes CPU above deal from micro center)
GPU: Gigabyte 6850

Uses: Gaming, other random stuff

SLI: no
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  1. Good PSU at a great price and sufficient for your build.
  2. It's a good match for your system.
  3. Perfect. Very reliable PSU, I got myself the 700 Watt version of that. The Modular cables make it pretty easy to manage, even in my Mini-ATX tower. Note that it is Semi-Modular in design. Not all the cables are modular. Refer to the product page on their website to see which cables are modular, and which are not.
  4. My suggestion is this one.
    It's almost the same price but is 80 plus Gold and you get 5 years warranty.
    Here is a review of the 700 version.
  5. The Rosewill Capstone PSUs are great, but it is 60% more than the Modxstream 500W after the rebate.
  6. Hey thats a goo PSU for the price. However, I would recommend the Corsair Series to be honest as I have had one in mine with no issues at present. I have the TX750 but the 650 is available for around the same price.

    Take a look
  7. Yeah I have checked out a few other PSUs, but the thing is newegg has this one on special clearance so after the mail in rebate and promo code its only going to cost 34.99!

    I don't think I'm going to be able to find a better value for money than that so I just wanted to make sure its going to be sufficient for my system.
  8. Definitely sufficient. And good value for a budget PSU.
    -> OCZ ModXStream Pro 500 W Power Supply Review
  9. Is there still a promo code for that model? It might have gone missing.
  10. Promo code just got renewed today. EMCNFHD28
  11. If you need another option:
    OCZ ZS Series 550W 80+ Bronze $45 a/r and free shipping
  12. Still a good deal then.
  13. So would you suggest the OCZ ZS Series 550W 80+ Bronze above my choice? With free shipping the two come to about the same price and this one has the bronze rating correct?

    And is it worth it paying an extra $40 for a corsair which seem to a have a bit better reliability record?
  14. Not worth an extra $40, but $10 more for the ZS is a good deal.
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    If the price is close I would suggest the ZS. It has a bit more +12V power and slightly better efficiency. Not a huge difference though. +12V 38Amps vs 36Amps. Efficiency 80+ Bronze vs just 80+.
    But if you have a good reason for wanting modular cables I'm OK with OCZ ModXStream Pro 500
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