Voltage difference on Memory Modules

I have an older ECS computer that I want to upgrade the memory.
Here is what is presently in the computer.

Internal Components of this Computer:
Bus Speed = 99.6 MHz
Rated Bus Speed 199.2 MHz
Stock Bus Speed 133 MHz,
Core 0 Speed is 1046.0 MHz, Multipler is X 10.5, Bus Speed is 99,6 MHz, Rated Bus Speed is 199.2 MHz
Ram is 1 GB SDRAM (3-3-4-6)
Computer Manufacturer is Elite Group (ECS)
K Mainboard Series
Motherboard is ECS K7S5A, Socket A, Version 1.0
Chipset Vendor is SiS
Chipset Model is 735
32 bit Archeiture
SPD Modules 2
SPD Module 1 = SDRAM, 512 Mbytes, PC133 (133MHz)
SPD Module 2 = SDRAM, 512 Mbytes, PC133 (133MHz)

I am trying to decide between two DDR memory modules.
I want to achieve that fastest fate transfer rate but I also want to use a memory component that is safe for operation in this computer for a long time. My concern is using a memory module(s) that uses too high voltage which might shorten the life of the computer.

Here is data for the two memory modules I am considering.


My questions are:
Is the PC 3200 memory module safe to run in this computer?

Would you recommend the PC3200 memory modules (2 @ 512MB each) for 1 GB memory which transfers data at a peak rate of 3200 and uses 2.6 volts?

Or would you recommend the PC2700 memory module (2 @ 512MB each) for 1 GB of memory which transfers date at a peak rate of 266 2/3 and uses 2.5 volts?
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  1. Your MB only can support up to DDR266 (PC-2100) so for all over pc-2100 RAM that will run at 133MHz speed if they will fit.

    If you really want to upgrade than just buy the 2x 512MB Pc-2100.
  2. Thank you for your kind informative reply.
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