Hi all, I am running a Radeon 4850 HD, I had it hooked up to my HD projector via a DVI to HDMI output converter. (my 4850 has 2x DVI out.)

It was running fine until i reinstalled my system, now it doesn't detect the projector or output any picture/Audio via the HDMI.

All cables are plugged in correctly etc.

I am running the latest catalyst drivers from the AMD site.

Any ideas

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  1. Turn the projector on first, make sure is completely on and ready for video.
    Then turn your computer on.
    Did you see the POST screen? (Before windows loads)
    If you don't then you may need to set the PCIe port as your primary display and disable any onboard video.
    If you DO see the post screen but nothing after that then it sounds like a driver/settings issue.
  2. Hi thanks for the reply.

    I do see the post screen, plus the windows loading page, then the PC boots into windows logon etc.

    I have tried all that you have mentioned.

    All that i did was reinstall windows then reinstalled the ati drivers.

    it just doesn't seem to pick up and HDMI at all. I have checked the cable in a few other devices and that's fine, I have also checked the DVI to HDMI dongle which is also fine.

    So i am assuming I am missing a driver or have a driver conflict problem.

    any ideas would be greatly received

  3. i just had the idea in another thread:
    look for unknown devices on your gpu in hardware manager - maybe you find something.
  4. Yep checked that, there are no unknown devices at all that are shown in device manager. Thanks for taking the time to post all ideas are welcome :sol: .

    I wonder if the Nvidia motherboard drivers have anything to do with the problem.

  5. try a vga cable??
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