PC not switching on at all

Hi guys. Last night I was still playing Far Cry 2 on my system... This morning when I wanted to switch my PC on to do a Burn in Test, it didn't switch on at all. I tested the power cable, to see if my LCD screen would work with that cable, it does, so I ruled the power cable out. When I flick the power switch on the PSU to on, the onboard light on the motherboard goes on. After that, I press the power button on the front panel... nothing. And it was working perfectly last night. What might be the problem?
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  1. I guess there's no one who can help me?
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    Hi :)

    Its probably PSU or Mobo....swap the psu first...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. have to agree with brett got to be a PSU or motherboard more than likely the PSU
  4. I swopped out the PSU, only plugged in the 24pin mobo connector and 8 pin CPU connector, nothing happend. nothing
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