Wifi adapter causing stuttering!

hey all, Ive been having this issue with my wifi card for a while now.
randomly, when connected to the network, my PC will start to stutter. and will keep doing so until I disconnect and reconnect to my router.
its mostly harmless but if I'm gaming online, its annoying.

any idea whats going on?

my wifi card is a tenda n300, and is the only thing, bar my 9800gtx that's connected to any slots

and I'm using windows 7 64bit and windows own drivers.
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  1. Your using a cheap wireless card, which on top of being cheap, is wireless which means it's going to have high latency and lag issues in online games.
  2. well that sucks... lol

    i've plugged in my ethernet cable from my xbox for now, using those powerline adapters cos my router is down stairs. and i didnt wanna fork out for an expensive xbox wifi thing.

    i'll get a new one at some point... any recommendations?

    i've got a new netgear dual band router, so i could do with a dual band capable wifi card.
  3. netgear router <---> powerline <---> netgear ap <--> hard wired pc and xbox

    This is how I have my son connected, except he uses a netgear wireless repeater instead of powerline+ap and has never had issues playing games online.
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