Help W GFX card decision.comparing benchs of GTXs and HDs (high end)

i am looking to build a computer in the future within the next 6 months.
ive pretty much decided on everything else and focusing on what graphics card to get.
i will be gettting an i5 2500k unless i need an i2600k for this.

200-500 is my price range depending if its worth to invest in to last longer and keep up.

idk if the sapphire version is that much better. but this is a comparison of 2 cards combined of each

but i realized the 580 is just a huge power drainer and not sure about power limits.

ive concluded with my own homework, that the hd is great for future extreme high resolutions above 1900 x 1200 due to the high memory. but the gtx has mostly faster fps in games. this is for the 325 cards .
which seems a good price. but i was thinking of going up higher and if i did it would probly be a 580sli to have enough power for high res fast gaming and could add another over time of saving. and be able to keep up with the high end gaming standards.

the 6970 hd with 2g ddr5 beats even the more expensive 580 specs all the way accross the board. and in bench. as a single card.

so i guess the 580 would be faster as 2 cards by little, but value wise im thinkin the sapphire hd 6970.
let me know what you about this, and if i need a better processor than the i52500k.

side question: 4g high cooling, or 8gb less cooling? (in budget)
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  1. 560ti sli :) or you could wait until december where the 560ti's are gettin upgraded :D

    but if theyre gettin upgraded wouldnt the price rise?
    ill compare them to the 570 again when they come out.

    560Tis are a pretty dam good deal though, especially if they were to upgrade with no noticable price increase.
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