What Motherboard should I get?

What's a good Motherboard for a 2011 socket processor under £300 (and a little over) I was thinking the ASUS rampage boards I don't really want a P9 board they look tacky and i don't feel like it will be as good as an ASUS board (I like ASUS). It's for gaming!

An ASUS employee asked me these questions.
1) Are you planing on overclocking?

2) Do you need onboard Wi-Fi?

3) Do you have plans on running more than one GPU in the future and maybe a soundcard?

SLi in future and no sound card.
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  1. Are you looking for AMD or Intel?

    What form factor do you want? eg. Micro ATX, EATX, ATX XL, ATX

    What types of plugs do you want?

    What type of card slots?
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