Aureal+AMD=CRAP! Acoustic Edge RULES!!

Ahhhhh! After almost two months of crashes after 5 minutes of any given game and random instabilities caused by my <b>AUREAL VORTEX 2 SQ2500</b> I am happy to say that I have found incredible stability and performance (even with my generic 40 dollar ram) from my new <b>Philips Acoustic Edge</b> sound card! I have it running quad speaker setup, with my old boston BA635's. It is GREAT! Everything sounds better, more clear, and the effects are awesome. I recommend this card to any AMD owner, especially over an aureal card because they are nightmares when you try to configure one with a kt133 chipset. If anyone's interested, I'll be selling that old aureal card on ebay, ppl are still paying over 30 bucks for them, hah.:P

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  1. blah, blah, blah... by the way, I am still using MX300 on KT7A without any (I mean none) problem in UT, Q3, SOF, etc...

    It's not too late yet... :wink:
  2. Blah, I knew it, after reading the title of the post, that I would find a post from you here!

    $30 on I here $35 (backup card)...going once..twice...sold to blah!

    Don't get me wrong Blah...I love my MX300, but it just doesn't get along with my 1gig tbird and via chipset on win2k!!! weep...weep
  3. I feel sorry for ya all that are having problems with Aurial cards. I am running it on W2k, playing UT and having zilch problems. By the way, I am having fun arguing about the card, just for the heck of it, cos mine works anywhere I put it. I even have W2k drivers for it, full install with demos if that matters... hehe

    Heck, I even tried it with the Windows XP and it works. I just love blah, blah, blah about it... hehehe

    It's not too late yet... :wink:
  4. Aureal has minor issues with VIA, and poor Win2K support, so most people can't use V2 on AMD w/Win2K, ok? BLAH! blah blah blah...............

    Suicide is painless...........
  5. That's why I love myself so much, mmmm, coz I have it working all over the place. I had some difficulties to get it working on the CUSL2-C board, but those are gone now. The procedure of the installation plays a major role here... hehe

    blah, blah by the way :smile:

    It's not too late yet... :wink:
  6. Actually, it's not a hardware incompatability, it's a problem with the sound driver not understanding the PCI bus. I disabled the portion of the driver that disables Soundblaster Compatability by removing 1 semicolon, reserved IRQ5 in BIOS, then edited the line in Autoexec to IRQ5 instead of IRQ7 to end the conflict with my parrallel port. Aureal never updated their driver. If they had, the emulation IRQ would probably be shareable.

    Suicide is painless...........
  7. blah, are you using a via chipset with your MX300 and win2k? If so, could you share with me what I need to do to get my MX300 working with win2k and my via chipset. I would love more than anything to get my MX300 up and running! It kills me to see it just sitting there collecting dust.
  8. Go here to get the drivers. After you downloaded them, unzip. Plug yer MX300 in, boot, when windows will ask for the detected hardware drivers, cancel. Go into the My Computer properties, select that yellow thing with Multimedia PCI thing, properties, update driver, point to the W98 (or whatever os you are using) driver set, reboot (it will not ask you to), complete the install. Hopefully enjoy. Let me know what mobo you are using as well, cos some of them need MX300 to be plugged into the slot 3 or 5, so it depends as well, Win2k have native Aurial drivers (the card must be in when you set the windows up), so you don’t have to do anything, they are installed with windows and should run right away, that’s how I have it running, but I have tried the drivers from the website I gave above, and they are running well too.

    The problem with the card is that it sends some kind of command to the north or south bridge on the mobo and needs a respond in .004… seconds or so, I don’t remember the exact numbers, but anyway, the chipset does not respond that quickly, so the card starts to wait on the respond, which never comes back and causing the PC “wait” too, basically hang it in the infinity of waiting. I had the problem with it on A7V though, but got it to work somehow, don’t remember what I did. It’s working fine on KT7 and KT7A mobos.

    It's not too late yet... :wink:
  9. ya mean sq2500 would actually work with my via chipset? I looked everywhere for solutions to that problem, but no one had the answer=P. Oh well, I like my new card more, it's got 5.1 support if I ever wanna buy more speakers, and also some cool EAX too!

    <font color=red>=P
  10. blah, I have a Soyo SY-K7VTA-B mb. I think when I tried the card it was in slot 3, but I'm not sure. Which slot, or slots, would you recommend I try? So the choice of drivers has no effect on getting the card to work, it's just a preference issue, correct? Thanks for all your help, I am really excited about the possibility firing up the old MX300!!
  11. strange, gg

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
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