Need a 2nd acces point


See below my current configuration (#1)
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I need a 2nd access point (3rd DIR 655)
What is the best: #2 or #3?
For me, option #2 requires a switch (but I already have one) and option #3 doesn't but need more cable maybe....
But other than that, are they technically the same?

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  1. I would prefer option #3
  2. I could also attach the 3rd DIR 655 directly to the 2nd one, without the switch...That would simplify the cabling (minimize the length)
    What do you think?
  3. that will work
  4. According to my layout, that option is the simplest one....I will go that way then
  5. I have received my 3rd DIR 655 that I will use as a 2nd access point
    I will have to set an static IP address, and this is how I realized I did the same thing for the 1st access point, but I don´t remember that address....
    How can I check the IP address of that 1st access point? Can I see all the IP address of my network through the main router (DIR 655 as well) or should I use an network/IP scanner?
  6. you can use any IP that is out side the DHCP range and is not used. I usually use an IP ending in 253.

    Pick an IP you would like to use and see if you can PING it. If you get no response the IP is available and you can assign it to the new router.
  7. I will try ipconfigall
  8. ipconfig /all will give you the IP of the computer

    type the following in the RUN line in XP or WindowKey+R for Vista and 7

    cmd /k ping
  9. But this won't tell me the address of my 1st access point, right? It will only tell me if 253 is used or not?
    Should I use a IP scanner to find out my AP addreess? Any good free software you would recommend?
  10. I found it: it's
    Should I take
    Why do you recommend something like

  11. 202 will work

    I have seen routers use 254 as a gateway IP with a DHCP rang from 1 - 253. Therefore by choosing 253 the router needs to hand out 252 IP before I run into a problem with IP 253
  12. Hello
    I'm going to install my 2nd access point (DIR655), but first I wanted to check the strength of the wifi signal in my house
    I'm using Xirrus Wifi Inspector to see where are the strong areas, and find the weak areas to know where to locate best my 2nd access point
    Using Xirrus, I can see my main router, and the Network Mode in Xirrus indicates "802.11n"....Perfect
    But I also see my 1st access point (a 2nd DIR655 router configured as AP) and Xirrus indicates this time "Unknown 802.11g" in the Network mode field.....
    Why "Unknown", and more important why "g" and not "n"?
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