Asus p8z77-v lx boot problems

Just recently upgraded my old mobo/processor. So far every time i've tried to boot my DRAM led flashes once somewhat quickly then a few seconds later the entire boot stops and the computer shuts off. I have tried booting with no graphics card in, removing all but 1 stick of ram, holding the memok button to reset, moving the pins that the breaker is on, removing the battery for 10 minutes and reinstalling it. This RAM was brought over from my old motherboard so i know the ram is not bad and i have exchanged the mobo in store today, both have had this issue.

i7 3770k
nvidia 670gtx
8 gb corsair xms3 1600 mhz ram
750 watt power supply
h60 cpu cooler
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  1. Refer to the Motherboards manual for error codes.

    Are you attempting to run any over clocks?
  2. the manual says nothing about what i need to do for this, trust me i have read it carefully, and no i am not trying to overclock. I only get about 4-5 seconds into the startup before it turns off, all fans and drives seem to be running for that time period though
  3. im pretty sure something has to be connected wrong but for the life of me i cant figure out what
  4. i did have an issue with my cooler falling off while i was mounting it to the processor, could smearing the thermal paste be an issue?
  5. I had the same problem with the asus P8Z77-V.I tried 3 different sets of memory.(patriot viper II sector5 that works in my current lynnfeild setup,GSkill Ares and GSkill sniper1866.)The sniper is on the QVL list.
    I did notice the mem led would not light up if I installed a single dimm in slot 3 but the system would still not post.I have given up and will try to get my money back for the P8Z77-V and try a V gene or sabortooth.A lot of people seem to be having this issue with these boards.
  6. return the board !!! (Had 5-6 ASUS motherboard failure on me and not a single from any other brand... not saying ASUS is crap but ASUS is now more picky on power stability and components... so if you don't have an UPS and good power, the motherboard will fail to run or burn rapidly like me (had a 500w NeoHE with Seasonic internals and no a 1000w CM Silent Pro Gold with FSP internals and both failed to run any ASUS board longer than 6 months, even 2 formula rampage when they both run the Gigabyte P45 board (and the Neo still runs it) and the p8z77 V LX i ordered for my new rig never booted off... calls a MSI in replacement and that runs without any issues with all the same components known as good (i wasn't building a complete rig) so my 680 was running on the Gigabyte board, my ram too... Just CPU and motherboard change and the ASUS wasn't booting up...

    PS: I'll Never buy any ASUS components again as 3 ASUS 560ti failed on me and 2 P4P800 E-DLX in the P4 478pin erra too + the P5KPL, 2 Rampage formula (warranty) and the P8z77... (too much failure, DOA for me...)
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