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What case should i get?(urgent ordering today)

Hi so i am ordering a Noctua NH-D14 120mm & 140mm SSO CPU Cooler which is huuge and a asus rampage extreme II motherboard. I need to upgrade my stock pre-built pc case to fit this + have room for good air flow. and i have no idea what case to get since it matters on what parts you are using or something :P i really have no idea. These are my specs as of RIGHT NOW. If you need any other info please let me know because i want to order this today. I am willing to spend $100 or so.

AMD HD7870 Gigabyte OC'd edition.
750W Delta PSU model # GPS-750AB A
Motherboard: Gateway TBGM01(buying asus rampage extreme II)
Processor: Intel i7 920 D0 @ 2.7ghz(will be overclocking to 3.6 possibly more)
Windows vista home premium 64-bit
6 2gb sticks of RAM(12)
My PC was a pre built pc and you can find every single detail on it by searching Gateway fx6801-03

ALSO would i need a better PSU for this?

ANY help would be amazing. Thank you.

EDIT: i have looked at the haf x and cooler master trooper cases and they look amazing but can any1 confirm that one of them will work with my system 100%? like all the cords and parts and well just everything
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    Well hate to tell but a Noctua may or may not fit in a mid tower and would just look an eye sore. My advice, get either a Haf x, or a Cooler master trooper. DO you plan to get a graphics card?

    I recommend getting a better PSU, maybe a TX 650 or better name brand power supply. When overclock you want clean power and enough on the rails to feed
  2. My graphics card is a brand new amd hd7870 gigabyte OC'd edition which i listed in my specs. Does the haf x or cooler master tropper fit the noctua cooler? + will it fit all my system parts and stuff?
  3. Do you have the model number for that PSU...or the ratings for watts and amps (you can get this off the sticker on the side of the PSU).
  4. model number is GPS-750AB A . Didn't notice it was a 750w. updating original post.
    model rev: 04F
    That is from the sticker.
  5. Either of the CM cases that were given by Rock has enough space for your rig. Make sure you check your RAM/Mobo on the Noctua Compatibility list:
    A thread with compatible cases:

    I would go for the Fract Design Define R3:
  6. Your current PSU has (4) 18A rails with a max capacity of 54A on the 12V is more than sufficient for your planned upgrade. You do not need to upgrade your PSU.

    Edit: Link to info on your PSU:
  7. Thank you very much rugger. So it turns out my asus rampage II that i am ordering is a LGA1366 socket which is compatible with the noctua. But my RAM is from a brand named Elpida.. Which is not on the list for RAM. Would it be good to upgrade my RAM? i have heard RAM is cheap now.
  8. Well RAm purchasing depends on what you get determines a deal. RAM prices jump up and down. Try to shoot for a 8GB kit of ddr3. your motherboard should support ddr3
  9. I wouldn't upgrade the RAM unless I really needed to. Does your RAM have any heatsinks on them? The issues with RAM are usually associate with heatsinks that extend over the the memory's PCB and make the RAM taller.

    Something like this Corsair Vengeance:
    is a lot less likely to fit than something like this Corsair value RAM:
  10. Yes right now my ram is ddr3 and the motherboard i am getting supports it. If i HAVE to buy new ram i suppose i will look into it.

    @rugger how can i find out if my RAM has heatsinks on them? + I'm not sure if I'm reading my ram wrong but the site doesn't have my RAM as a compatible product. So wouldn't that mean i have to upgrade?
  11. Look at it.
    The Corsair Vengeance RAM that I linked above has heatsinks on it. The Corsair Value RAM that I linked does can see the green PCB and the memory chips on it. If this is the RAM that came in your Gateway PC, then I HIGHLY doubt that it has heatsinks on it. Most heatsinks are bling and actually make the RAM run hotter instead of cooler.
  12. No heatsinks on my RAM. Just plain green with memory chips on it. So do i have to upgrade my RAM?
  13. You don't have to unless you want RAM with heat sinks on it
  14. Ok thank you for clearing that up. Only reason i though i needed it is because my RAM isn't on the compatibility list for the noctua(or atleast i don't think it is) that rugger linked me to.
  15. That doesn't matter. Most of the time even if a ram brand or model isn't on a compatibility list. Most likely its compatible anyways. Just may have not been tested by them
  16. Ok thank you very much! Would you agree with rugger that my PSU is fine too? I corrected the details on it . Its always nice to hear every ones opinion :)
  17. yea your psu should be efficient enough. Just don't try to do mega SLI setup on it. but maybe 2 way...
  18. Thank you both for the answers. Just ordered a COOLER MASTER CM Storm Series Trooper (SGC-5000-KKN1) Black Steel / Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case. This case looks so amazing!
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  20. I hope you like your new case. If you need any further help. Please contact us or make a thread!
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