A question of mobo form factors and expandability.

Hey everyone,
I'm looking for some opinions on form factors and upgradability. I'm planning a new build and want to leave room for future upgrades. I guess I'm a little old school because I really like bigger cases and mobos.... I like the bulk and the size makes it feel more "solid" and adds to the value IMO. Not to mention it's easier to work in!

With that being said, what are your opinions? Is a micro ATX or any other variant of the full ATX board of lesser value or quality? Or is it just a matter of preference?

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    mATX boards are not as feature rich as full ATX boards and with a more limited expandability with fewer expansion slots.
  2. So I'm not just stuck up in thinking that I'm too good for mATX then... What brought about the question is my current struggles with my builds... I have 2 FX 6300 variants as well as an a10-5800k build in queue and I'm trying to taper down the cost till its only what I need and no more.. So I came to mATX boards and realized they were much cheaper.... But as I said, this build will be 90% for gaming and I forsee overclocking in its future. So I guess in asking what would be best for me?
  3. There are some great mATX boards out there but what if you want to have a wifi card, sound card or tv tuner you run out of slots really fast.
  4. True... I guess I'll stick to the tried and true full ATX. Thanks for your help rolli59!
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