Having graphics issues with install of win7

Hey folks thanks for looking. Ill come right out and say it, this is an older machine (about 6 yr old HP) with a BFG Geforce 6200 OC that's just about the same age. Alot of you will recommend just building a new rig and trust me I'm with you on that but can't afford it at the moment so I need to keep this old beast kickin a bit longer.

My issue is that ever since installing windows 7 ultimate my screen will occasionally fuzz into white and grey horizontally and then the screen will go black. (seems to be somewhat load dependent but has also happened idling with no load) Now while this is happening my background music will keep playing or whatever will keep going until I force shut down( or sometimes after going black the desktop will come back and a little balloon will pop up and say "the nvidia display driver has just crashed and recovered"). After this happens during the next boot up the screen always sits black for a minute or 2 after the black win7 screen with the colored moving globes before loading the welcome screen. I have an XP/7 dual boot on this machine and I have never had issues like this while running XP. I have tried drivers from nvidia ranging from the latest available back to the first driver release that supports this card on win7 (microsoft says this card is fully supported by win7) I have also tried the WHQL drivers from microsoft and that cause a hit or miss graphics boot after the black win7 screen (sometimes it wouldn't load the welcome screen at all) I have ran DXDIAG and all test came back error free. I am really lost on this one guys, thanks in advance for any help.

MY system specs are as follows

HP Pavillion A805N upgraded to
P4 HT 540J 3.2Ghz from 2.8 non HT (fully supported)
3GB DDR 400 RAM from 512 MB (2.87 GB Useable due to 32bit OS)
320GB WD HDD from 160GB
BFG GeForce 6200 OC. PCI (an asus board in an HP for some reason doesn't have an AGP slot ??) From intel IGP
300 Watt Bestec Power Supply (stock)
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  1. Info update** I have checked the reliability log and there are no pertinant errors logged. Also I failed to add that I also have a wireless card and a 120 MM fan installed. I am not really leaning towards voltage issues because I used this same exact config running XP for 6 months without so much as a single issue.
  2. Im knid of getting the feeling everyone might be just as stumped as I am, that or nobody gives a damn because it's not the newest latest and greatest thing on the market. Either way I'm still lost on this and a few opinions would be great, thanks.
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