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Hello, I didn't know where to post this exactly so, sorry...

My problem wich I couldn't find any solution in any other posts I checked.
My computer froze a couple days ago and I had to force restart. After that, I start it and it freezes after startup, I have enough time to close 3 startup programs, but I can only "fully" (kinda) use my computer on Safe Mode.

I changed my RAM, it lasted a few more seconds than before, even game me time to open a notepad but still froze. Cleaned my registry, made 2 chekdisk's and scanned everything with AVG 2012 (found something in HKEY_LOCAl somethinghere, I erased it, but still nothing). Also checked my fans while turning the computer on and they don't stop or start making weird noises the time it happens, also they almost don't heat, I cleaned them like 3 weeks ago...

I have a 2.8 celeron with 1GB RAM, 80 GB disc (wich still has 30 gb left btw), 256 MB graphics board and I'm using Windows XP professional (also when checking the internet, I realised something that I'm pretty sure, it seens like a pirate copy), wich probably explains why the store where I bought it closed a few months maybe a year after I bought it... in 2004 or 20005. But it never gave problems too hard that I couldn't solve.

I thank you all for any help you try to give anyways, but if someone could help me I'd really appreciate since I don't have money to buy a new one :/ .

Oh, and in the event viewer, in system logs, there is an error I seem to get when I turn it on or when it freezes. "Service Cotrol Manager" and the problem seems to be the SCM can't find the valid path...
Also get an error with DCOM, but that one is random.
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  1. Sorry about the pirate copy, I would try a clean boot from safe mode.

    Boot into safemode.

    Startups disable all
    Services disable all except microsoft * believe there is a checkbox to see hide all microsoft services.

    You could also possibly be infected, or AVG has been known to crash a system with a bad update.
  2. Thanks for the tip, but did not work.
    AVG has been working (Free one btw) for more than one month.
    Also I noticed, that I CAN open a folder if I'm fast enough but still freezes after the same amount of time, and it also happens even if I leave it in the session selection screen.
    Anyways, going to try to replace avg with avast though...I don't like avast I hate it but I'm gonna try.
  3. Did it. Problem persists without AVG... 2 Years without internet...Now bought an external disc with 1TB and have internet again... BAM! Without my computer and my laptop both broken in stupid ways... How lucky I am xD
  4. Ok. Everyone with the same problem should try all I made from safe mode and also this: From safe mode also eliminate the items except for like the 3 or 4 necessary from the screen or move them to my documents!! I did that and messed around and managed to get my PC to work normally. First it was as slow as it never had been now it's normal....It may crash in a while but since startup now it has been working fine for exactly 19 mins. :) Peace, hope this helps anyone.

    Ok, I had a strange experience that I have to post. Hopefully, this will help another user. I build my own pc's and have for several years. I'm not nearly as knowledgeable as many of the users of this forum, though consider myself a reasonably knowledgeable user. I feel compelled to share this as even all the tech support people at Fry's Electronics (in the PC repair depart - usually pretty knowledgeable people - were not aware of this also).

    About six months ago I did a homebuilt with an Intel DZ68BC motherboard, Intel I-5 2500k processor, 550 w power supply, 1 gig graphics card, 8gb of 1600mz ram, a Plextor SSD boot drive, and misc other drives. Everything worked great for six months until a few weeks ago. The system started to make a noise similar to when you plug in a usb peripheral, but the noise kept repeating and wouldn't start. I tried unplugging all usb connections, even the internal usb connections, but nothing helped. Users on the forum with similar problems suggested problems with bad RAM, the SSD boot Drive, the graphics card, the power supply. I tried all of these, including removing individual items and just trying to boot with the SSD boot drive. I tested the RAM. Finally, I bit the bullet and took it into Fry's hoping they could use their diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot the individual items. At this point, I suspected a bad motherboard (nothing would boot - even the windows install disc would freeze when loaded from an optical drive - both drives). Fry's did their diagnosis and two of their techs looked at it and also concluded it was a motherboard issue.

    I called Intel to start a warranty repair for the motherboard, and they asked me all sorts of questions as to which components I was using. The culprit turned out to be the 1600 mhz RAM. The RAM was fine, but this model of I-5 processor was only approved up to 1333mhz DDR3 RAM. When I put in different RAM modules at 1333mhz, everything was fine. The motherboard was rated for up to 1600mhz DDR3, and so when I built the system I used that speed RAM since I was not aware of the matching Intel processor having a lower RAM speed spec.

    I mention this because in all of the homebuilts that I have built, I have never bothered to check the RAM specs for the PROCESSOR, only the motherboard. In this case, the I-5 Processor was the same socket type as this Intel motherboard, and the motherboard was rated for DDR3 1600mhz, so I assumed that I could use this.

    So, if you are having a freeze up issue on startup, check this with your system. It could very well be a similar issue. You may be using a RAM at a rated speed for your motherboard but the CPU may be only rated to a lower speed. I was not aware that Intel did this since both the motherboard and cpu were Intel and made to go together. The guys at the repair dept were not aware of this also, so maybe this will help someone else too!
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