Problem with GTS250 and need some suggestions

I have a Zotac GTS-250 graphic card which was causing my win7 pc to frequently enter power-saving mode even while not playing games...

I tried my above mentioned gpu on my friends pc and his pc also started to have the same problems...........

So, it seems my gpu is not working as well as it should do.......and from what i have gathered....that GP's can't be repaired...

I have been doing research on this matter for a quite a while and some people have suggested that my Coolmaster's 350W psu isn't enough and that could have caused the gpu to become dis-functional......

I was not aware that you need to also see psu's wattage while buying a decent i play a lot of games like deus-ex and others.....

For my budget, i am considering AMD HD 6770
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  1. I have a Gigabyte EQ45-s2 motherboard, 2gb DDR2 RAM and Intel Q9400 2.66 Mhz processor.........and Coolmaster R350 psu
  2. what is your friends PSU wattage?

    it does sound like either low power or a faulty graphics card.

    350 is definatly on the low side of things.
  3. he also has 350w psu........but the said card worked for nearly 2yrs........pls suggest me if i need a psu upgrade?
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