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Radeon 6770 HDMI not being detected.

Hello, I got a problem that after several hours of searching the web have not found a solution to so I'm hoping someone here knows how to fix my problem.

I bought a AMD Radeon 6770 today along with a 6000w power supply seeing how Radeon recommends 4500w for there power. I installed the power supply and graphics card went to hook up via HDMI to my Vizio 32" monitor to play Skyrim in all its glory but no picture was displayed. So figureing that the HDMI part might not work because I hadn't installed my drivers yet and plugged it in via VGA and it worked so I uninstalled my old nvidia graphics and installed the latest Radeon ones and shut down my comp and tried the hdmi again and still nothing.

After much internet research I found that i should change my default display in my bios, they didn't say what i should change it to so i took a gamble and turned it to PCI express x16 in hopes that was it. But still nothing. So my question is how do I hook up my GPU via HDMI to my Vizio?

System Specs

Asus IPIBL-LB Mother Bord
Intel Core 2 CPU 2.93GHz
8GB Ram
Radeon 6770 GPU 1gb
6000w PSU
Windows 7 64bit

Please help if you can.

(I did make sure my Vizio was on the right HDMI channel and that all connection were good)
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  1. Did you connect your video card to the power supply?

    On my ATI card it just works (HDMI) but I had to disable the onboard video.

    Also, I would use a driver sweeper to get rid of ALL of the old nVidia drivers then install the newest ones from AMD's website.

    You may need to change a setting that outputs video to the HDMI port. I don't know how the new cards with the HDMI ports work. Mine has a special DVI to HDMI adapter.

    I would take a good look at the AMD Catalyst Control Center for a video output setting and see if you can find anything like that. If you do find something set it to HDMI.
  2. Possibly a Bad Graphics card HDMI port. You never had it working previously right?
    Try what Dark_Lord said, and if all else fails send back your Graphics card as DOA.

    What about your resolution settings? maybe you TV can't display certain reso's? VGA resolution and HDMI resolution are wayyyy different.

    (all my graphics cards automatically detect connections, usually its the monitor that needs setting to correct source)..
  3. How did you get a 6000watt psu????
  4. what is it with ati/amd recently?
    driver packages not working properly for many cards and so on and so forth...
    this is beginning to kill the brand.
  5. theuniquegamer said:
    How did you get a 6000watt psu????

    I'm pretty sure he ment 600W.
  6. Thanks for all the help, I did the driver sweep got rid of all the Nvidia stuff that was hidden and even did it for the Radeon so I could do a clean install and its still not working. I'm note sure if I have the system graphics disabled or not I have it set to PCI Express x16. I think I'm going to call their tech support and see if they can assist me if not then I'm taking it back to best buy and getting something else.
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    When you set it to PCI Express x16... all your doing is telling you PC to use the PCI Express slot as the default video source... which is correct.... we know the VGa works(which means your card works) - so thats not a problem.

    What you need to make sure is that you have the resolution settings correct... like setting to its lowest and then restart you PC and connect it to your TV... also, do you know for sure that the HDMI cable is good?

    Turn your PC off, connect it to your TV with HDMI... turn it on. does your TV display anything(specifically before windows)? If it STILL won't show anything then it isn't ANYTHING to do with software(no drivers, windows settings). Either faulty Card, HDMI cable, or TV.

    Did you connect your power supply directly to your GPU..? try these simple things before sitting on the phone.
  8. Wow thanks jdenova007, it works. I'm not sure why its working now, I had done the lowest resolution thing before I had started the help topic but I hadn't thought that my cable was bad as I had been using it earlier yesterday before my Nvidia graphics card fan failed. So just on your suggestion I switched out the cable with the one I had been using for my Xbox 360, I plugged it in turned on my computer and boom I had picture. So I went and hooked the other cord up to my 360 and tried it and it worked. All I can say is that this card if picky about what HDMI cord it wants.
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  10. lol...? Hey, as long as it works right? Glad to assist... kinda.. lol Enjoy!
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