What website should i buy computer parts from

hi im building a computer and i was looking for a some good websites to buy parts from here are some that i already know about:

overpriced already us
best buy outletpc
tigerdirect pricewatch
newegg ebay
tom's hardware
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  1. Well you can't buy anything from Tom's Hardware or Pricewatch. Pricewatch is just a comparison website and does not sell anything directly. I generally buy from newegg. They usually have the best prices and have an amazing return department if you get a bad part.
  2. second newegg. Amazon also is great with returns if you want to shop around and tigerdirect isn't bad. but generally newegg is quick, easy, cheap, good sales, best reviews, great customer support, and cheap or free shipping.

    bestbuy is HORRIBLY overpriced. they fall in the "I need an emergency replacement part tonight no matter what it costs and nothing else is open" catergory.

    lots of the sites pricewatch lists I would not buy from as they just look way too sketchy and I wouldn't want to give them my credit card or expect help from them if there was a problem.
  3. I 3 that motion. Unless your gonna run in quick and buy a keyboard or something. Bestbuy doesn't have as much to choose from either compared to Newegg, Amazon or Tiger. also if you have these in your area. Frys electronics is pretty decent. Micro center is another option.
  4. thanks guys but i already know about those sites and you guys should look at outletpc
  5. As for other sites, you might want to look at Fry's Electronics or Microcenter (if you have one near by).

    To all else, I generally agree with you about Best Buy, but I was in there today (Christmas Gift Cards, not my idea) and noted a 3TB hard drive for less than the same drive on Newegg. The point being, it never hurts to check it out. Usually, Best Buy will disappoint you, but if you happen to find a deal, it could save you some cash (in this case, $35 and shipping fees).

    -Wolf sends
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