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I am building a new computer and I'd like the case to (hopefully) meet the following requirements:

It can fit an ATX mobo with a Cooler Master 212 Evo CPU cooler and a GTX 680 card. Can also fit at least 1 SSD and 2 HDDs.

It should be light: Are there any good aluminum cases under 150 dollars?
Also, are their any aluminum cases that come with air filters? If not, what are some good fan filters?

From what I’ve read on the forums, it seems like people like this case:
It seems good, but if possible, I'd like something lighter.

If I can't find any aluminum case and good/easy to use fan filters, I might have to go with a case that comes with fan filters.. such as the Corsair or Antec options.

Thanks for the input!

Note: Currently I have a HAF 932 and although I like it, I wish it had fan filters and was maybe half the weight! Since I don't need all the room it offers, I think I can go for a slightly smaller case.
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  1. fan filters that i use on my corsair case

    PS. I would just keep your current case, how often do you carry it around?
  2. Thanks for the fan filter input. I am going to keep using my current case with my current computer. I am building a completely new computer though. I need to keep the old computer intact so I can LAN! haha.

  3. You guys make a good point... I don't really need the case to be aluminum in order for the weight to be considerably less. Obviously the Steel/plastic cases are usually around 17-20 lb while this one: is only 12 lb... but even 20 lb is a lot less than the HAF 932 (29 lb).

    That said, any thoughts on Lian Li?

    The one I linked here seems pretty good!

    edit: I see that that NZXT case you linked is only a little over 12 lb too. Hard to decide what to get.
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