Need to build a power efficent desktop for gaming

Hi i'm writing this because i need advice on how to build the most power efficent gaming system known to man ....

it should be able to play Mass effect 2 and also HOI 3 .....

i need the parts to be quality ... cost is not an issue , so i need a super efficent power supply unit .
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  1. Antec Earthwatts 550W 80PLUS Platinum will do and any Intel Sandy Bridge CPU and a Radeon HD 6850 GPU this is the most power efficient gaming setup on the planet one that actuality games competent that is.
  2. ok, If cost isn't a prob go with this PSU :

    It's Platinum 80+ Certified.
  3. Fill out the form hellfire posted
  4. purchase date end of febuary , around march maybe , after tax time ...

    budget range 1300 max

    system usage , gaming , video , internet

    parts not required , keyboard , i NEED low power LED montior , at least 24 inches ..

    parts preference INTEL

    country , USA

    overclocking no

    no crossfire or sli

    monitor resolution : 1920x1080

    other comments : i don't want a 1000 watt powersupply unit , below 500 should do the job ... i'm not interested in anything like a 6850 ,... i want POWER SAVINGS and a 6850 sucks down like 150 watts ...
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