Whats the best watt psu

for a overclocked 7970
2500k at 4.5ghz
1 1tb hdd 7200rpm
1 optical drive
h100 on full cooling
plus 4 fans im thinking an 750 will be overkill but idk
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    A good 650W will be fine.
  2. Agreed. A good 650W PSU will be more than fine. Try the Corsair Enthusiast series.
  3. i was looking at this unless theres a semi modular black corsair cheaper
  4. XFX is a great brand also manufactured by Seasonic. There is also this one.
  5. i like it but its also more expensive by the time i get the money it probably wont be on sale anymore
  6. Both are good. XFX is made by Seasonic, so it's all good.
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