Worthwhile Upgrade? M4A785TD-M EVO > Z68MA-G45 / X4 B35 @ 3.4 > i3-210

thanks in advance.

Would it be a worthwhile upgrade to go from a M4A785TD-M EVO > Z68MA-G45 / X4 B35 @ 3.4 > i3-2100? Using the M4A785TD-M EVO w/ X3 435 turned X4 B35 @ 3.4. Cost of Z68MA-G45 w i3-2100 = $217 after MIR/Savings/Promo Code/Free Shipping.
P.S. - I have an AMD 6870 1GB if that matters.
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  1. Is this in the wrong section?
  2. Do you live near microcenter? currently it's 50$ off 1155 boards when you buy i5 2500k @ $180. there were some Z68s mobos @ $100 before the discount. so for $230 you can get a better CPU with the same chipset. it's kinda useless to put and i3 2100 in a z68 cause the chip can't be overclocked and has no turboboost, if you don't need usb3 and sata3, you can get and h61 board for 20$ ontop $100 i3-2100 @microcenter.

    people in this thread seem to believe the i3-2100 is faster than Phenom II X4 http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1598673
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