Computer freezes after starting game

Hello,when i start some video games,my computer freezes,screen goes blank,even the games which i could play a month ago.
I have 1gb ram
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+ 2.51 GHz
ASUS EAH 2600 HD Pro
I'm starting windows with "enable VGA mode" because nothing works if i start normally.Two weeks ago i got BSOD with error-ati2dvag,and i installed display driver and i don't get BSOD anymore but i can't start some games like WoW or sc2...and some games like limbo are freezing every 3 seconds...
Dxdiag txt file:
Sry for my grammar :D
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  1. "enable VGA mode"
    After you choose this mode it disables your video card drivers so you need to re-install them.

    Also, I'm thinking that your video card might be failing... Check to see if your card is under warranty and the maker might fix it for free. (XFX offers a lifetime warranty for example)

    You computer could be freezing for issues that are not video card related so try these:
    1. Run a CHKDSK with repair (Google how to do it). This will fix hard disk issues (if possible) including bad sectors on the disk.
    2. Download and run memtest86 and test your computer memory non-stop for about 24hrs (minimum). This will tell you if your RAM has issues.
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