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Helping a friend decide on a processor for his AMD gaming rig and I am personally and AMD noob.

I would just like to know the difference in strictly gaming performance as that will be all this rig will be used for

current options


current mobo: leaning toward

seems like it will cover everything for a great price

as far as the cpu's go If you have a better solution in the 100-140 range please let me know thanks again!
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  1. For gaming I would go with the Phenom II.
  2. If you are not overclocking the phenom would be the better option. If overclocking there will be some games that will favor the 6100 but only some because it can reach a higher speed, but then again not woth $30.

    Motherboard is ok. Id suggest

    Asrock supports sli where gigabyte doesn't. If you don't want sli support, the asrock extreme 3 is $20 cheaper and equivalent to the gigabyte.
  3. The Phenom II 965 is the better choice.
  4. could anyone break down the technical differences between the 2 besides the obvious core amount? would be appreciated
  5. For the record, AMD says that a single Bulldozer module has around 80 per cent of the performance of two conventional CPU cores. In other words, a four-module Bulldozer core should be at least as quick as a six-core processor.

    That being said, the 6100 is a 3-module, 6-core cpu. 6*80% = 4.8 true cpu performance. The issue is in light threaded applications, you still take the 20% hit, so the phenom II comes out slightly ahead.

    So the real question is will the game you plan on playing use 6 cores or only 4. Most games only use 4 cores, but the newer games are becoming core friendly (BF3, Civ V, Dirt 3, ect)

    IMO, $30 isn't worth the difference for a few games, go with the cheaper Phenom II. If they were the same price, flip a coin.
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    mtech23 said:
    could anyone break down the technical differences between the 2 besides the obvious core amount? would be appreciated

    The main difference is the actual architecture of the CPU. The "bulldozer" CPU cores are arranged into "modules" each module contains 2 integer processing units and a shared floating point processor. So what AMD may call a 6X in the FX-6100 is actually a 3 Module with 6 integer processing units and only 3 floating point processors. Compared to a TRUE multi core design such as the Phenom II 965 has 4 cores, 4 integer processing units and 4 floating point processors. The FX CPU's have a quite garbage IPC (how much work the CPU actually does per cycle) Because of this a Phenom II 965 @ stock will out perform an FX@ 4.0 Ghz core for core. OC the FX to 5Ghz and the Phenom II to 4GHz and the IPC still holds true. I suggest the 965
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