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I am building a new computer and want to buy 16GB of RAM DDR3.
i am going to have a i7 3770K, and mobo either asus p8z77-v pro or GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD4H. another important thing is that i will use the noctua nh-d14.

if you can give your opinion about the mobo i will appreciate it.


i am going to buy it probably in the FRYs store in vegas -


as i am not a us citizen and only coming for 3 weeks so i want to buy it in store not online, so if you can look that the RAM you recommand found there it will be nice. if you know any other store in vegas which is good and cheap i will be happy to hear!!
tnx in advance.
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    I am an fan of Asus and the v-PRO is an excellent board and the one I would select in its price range.
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