Quick thermal paste question

Hey guys, n00b here.
I wasn't exactly sure where to ask this question but since it pertains to the CPU I'd figure I ask here.

So Im about to build my first PC and I have all the parts. However, Im curious as to if I need to purchase thermal paste for my CPU. I've watched tutorials of PC building and it seems like there is preapplied thermal paste that comes with the stock CPU cooler/fan.

So just to be sure, do I need to purchase and apply thermal paste or is this paste already on the CPU cooler?

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  1. It doesn't hurt to buy more thermal paste since the stock thermal paste isn't always enough, and you need to re-apply it should you remove the heatsink for any reason.
  2. Ok sweet. Ill probably just buy some more for future use in case i decide to upgrade my CPU cooler. Thank you for the reply
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