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Hello this is my first time posting on tom's hardware all though i do read alot of forums on it. My questions is about a brand new system build i put together.


Ga-h77m-d3h MotherBoard
Ripjaw series from G-skill (two 4GB sticks running duel channel 8GB)
intel core i5 2400 (This came with a intel cooling fan as well)
5770 HD Readon.
500 watt power supply (Old power supply)

Recently i turned off my computer im running windows 7 i got a kernal power error i looked around google and found the error code on microsoft website said that the board wasnt getting enough power or interrupt power soruce or the ram or hard drive is failing. So i started to look around and noticed my CPU cooler fan started to spin at a high RPM. i downloaded hardware montior from CPUID and let it run for a few days to see whats going on here. I'm unsure if i have to replace the power supply or add more thermal grease to CPU cooler from intel.

This is voltage its running at

Voltage 0 1.07 Volts (CPU VCORE)
Voltage 1 1.98 Volts (VIN1)
Voltage 2 1.99 Volts (+3.3V)
Voltage 3 3.43 Volts (+5V)
Voltage 4 8.88 Volts (+12V)
Voltage 5 -4.22 Volts (-12V)
Voltage 6 -6.10 Volts (-5V)
Voltage 7 2.84 Volts (+5V VCCH)
Voltage 8 1.60 Volts (VBAT)
Temperature 0 35°C (95°F) (TMPIN0)
Temperature 1 39°C (102°F) (TMPIN1)
Fan 0 1421 RPM (FANIN0)

Heres the Temperature the CPU is running at

Intel core i5 2400

Core#0 40C (102F) Min 35C (95F) Max 98C (208F)
Core#1 42C (107F) Min 38C (100F) Max 97C (206F)
Core#2 42C (107F) Min 37C (98F) Max 99C (210F)
core#3 40c (105F) Min 37C (98F) Max 99C (210F)
Package 43C (109F) Min 40C (104F) Max 99C (210F)


Package 11.68W Min 9.79W Max 55.00W
IA Core 6.64W Min 3.75W Max 48.63W
GT 0.09W Min 0.09W Max 0.09W

Radeon HD 5770
VIN0 0.95V Min 0.95V Max 1.20V

TMPIN0 38C (100F) min 34C (93F) Max 66C (150F)
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  1. Doesn't look like a processor issue. Might be a ram voltage issue though. What voltage is your ram specced at? What voltage is your BIOS saying is being fed to the ram? Is there a mismatch?
  2. CPU vcore 1.212V
    Dram voltage 1.512V
    +3.3V 3.245V
    +12V 11.736V
    CPU temp 55C
    System temp 39C
    CPU fan speed 1795 RPM

    spec of the ram are DDR3 1333MHZ 1.5V
  3. Well, the reported rail voltages DO look strange, but I'm more worried about the max temps that you're showing. 97-99C! :o That's WAY too hot! I suspect that the HSF isn't seated correctly, if those temps are right. Try taking it off, reapplying some new thermal paste, and making sure that when you reinstall it, it's seated well and fits snugly. Those stock Intel HSF's have that stupid pin design that sometimes makes it hard to get it installed right.
  4. trying to dig around for the paste do i have to clean off the intel thermal paste or can i reapply over it i never had a OEM fan ..
  5. mesmashh said:
    trying to dig around for the paste do i have to clean off the intel thermal paste or can i reapply over it i never had a OEM fan ..

    Yes, you definitely need to clean off the old stuff, preferably with some rubbing alcohol, but a damp cloth or paper towel will do.
  6. Alright thanks alot ill go pick up some paste tomorrow and see if it helps ill post back after its all done :D
  7. Thank you very much i never knew how much a pain in the !@!!! was to get that fan set only one coner of the fan was pushed down right and my computer no longer sounds like a jet getting ready for take off!! so the next real issue is should i get a bigger power supply?

    Max CPU temp i got was 44C (111F) and it droped back down to 33C (91F)

    (Edit My hard drive is louder then my CPU fan :o )
  8. What PSU are you using? Make/model. If you can't get that then the ratings for amps/watts on the label on the side of the PSU. Your 12V is a little low but is still within spec...ATX specifies 12V +- 5% so the minimum is 11.4 and you're barely above that. You may be dipping below under heavy laods like gaming.
  9. I'm running a Coolmax model v-500 i tryed to google it i couldnt find it, anways i got the box for it still

    +3.3V 30A
    +5 45A
    +12V1 18A
    +12V2 16A
    -12V 1A
    +5VSB 2.5A
    +3.3V & +5V 275W
    +12V1 & 12V2 380W

    This power supply came out around the time SATA 1's did it doesnt have any PCI-E connectors i had to buy one for my video card:(. im also looking at crosfiring video cards later on the ATI 7000 seriers
  10. Horrible PSU. Review from a reputable site:
    Unable to deliver rated power, ripple above specs...this PSU will cause your system fail prematurely. It may not happen tomorrow, but it will happen. I HIGHLY recommend you replace that PSU. The OCZ ModXstream's are on special from Newegg right now: the 500W
    or the 600W

    Both are under $50 after discount codes and MIR.

    Edit: The 600W can provide 42A on the 12V rail and is sufficient for CF of the 5770. You also get a free DVD burner if purchased before 4/30.
  11. WOW thats awesome im really pressing my luck lol, I was looking at Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 750W 80PLUS Bronze Certified Power Supply (CMPSU-750TXV2). or is that over kill?
  12. Great PSU but Way overkill for your rig. If you want to get a great quality PSU, then the Seasonic M12II-520W is awesome; rock solid rails, 5yr warranty, QUIET. I love mine:
    40A on the 12V rails so nearly as powerfull as the rebates or discount codes right now, but I think it's worth it.
  13. Thank you all very much for the answers you gave me and they helped out alot and i also learned alot thank you!!
  14. You're welcome - glad we could help. Let us know if you have any more questions.
  15. I have one last question about power supplys im looking to go to a local dealer and pick up a power supply im looking to upgrade to 7770 crossfire or 7870 crossfire i would like to know do any of theses power supplys fit the bill?


    Than you again.
  16. I would not get the tx 650 v2 because it doesn't have enough PCIE connectors for crossfire.

    Again, the tx 750 v2 is the right sized power supply for your application.
  17. Go for the Enthusiast; with 53A on the 12V rail it is more than sufficient for CF of the 7870s. If you CF the 7770s, then all you need is the 550W version of the Enthusiast. I do not recommend the 7770s from a price/performance standpoint. You'd be better off getting 6850s; same price or cheaper and significantly better performance. I did that debate myself, CF 6850s or single more powerful card (6950). I ended up with a single 6950, comparable performance with less power draw.
  18. Abekl: Take a look at the response in context...Crossfire was not mentioned until three posts ago. The overkill statement for the TX750 referred to system specs that only included a 5770 and a TX750 is overkill for a 5770.
  19. Rugger said:
    Abekl: Take a look at the response in context...Crossfire was not mentioned until three posts ago. The overkill statement for the TX750 referred to system specs that only included a 5770 and a TX750 is overkill for a 5770.

    True.OK. Understood.
  20. Thank you rugger for telling me about my power supply it saved my system i started to smell burning circuits and sure enough was my power supply my case and power supply started to get nuclear hot i ripped it out before any real damage. the whole house smells like BBQ power supply lol. :ouch:
  21. Glad I could give you some good. Quick thinking and action on your part prevented it from killing your whole computer or starting a fire - Great job! You'll need to do a thorough look at all the components and power connections to check for scorch/burn marks. A second computer to test components in would be really nice at this point.
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