Which combo would be better in livestreaming/recording/gaming ?

Im planning to start livestreaming and recording games such as Dota2, Guild Wars 2, Battlefield 3 and Diablo 3.

Im inbetween these two platforms atm:




Theyre both pretty much at the same price range. Some things that annoy me tho:
AMD mobo supports sli and crossfire, but intel one supports only crossfire.
Also, intel one doesent have my memory (corsair vengeance 2x4gb) on the support list.
On the other hand - AMD does need more power and runs hotter.
I cant decide - Which one is better for livestreaming and recording while multi/megatasking ?

I also want to overclock them a bit with a stock cooler (Ive read that 2500k can be pushed to 4.0 with stock cooler)
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  1. If you're just going to be gaming, average multitasking (game running while web browser, chat, etc), and livestream, then the 2500k should do you just fine. If you're going to be running 4-5 instances of Virtual Machines then I would suggest you get the AMD combo.
  2. I will be gaming while i have opened: chrome on a 17" second monitor and then skype, teamspeak and probably itunes. Can those 2500k four cores handle all of this without getting choppy/lagspikes or without missing a beat ?
    Will i be better of getting a fx8120 cause i will be doing a lot of vegas movie rendering and lots of multi and megatasking (coding java, c++ etc.)

    Hows the game performance cause i will be playing: terraria, minecraft, league of legends, dota2,guild wras 2, battlefield 3, heroes of newerth and all kinds of games (shortly: i willbe doing lots of lets play content and streams of various games)
  3. I'm no programmer by any means, so I can only comment on games from personal experience (very close friend of mine has an i5 machine I built her). She runs a 2x 1920x1080 monitors, one for games, one for chats, etc. She doesn't lag at all and maintains an average FPS 50 on games such as BF3 and Skyrim (All running on a GTX 560 Ti, btw). What graphics card are you going get? That would be the deciding factor for your gaming experience to be honest :)

    Other than that, I can't say much. :sweat:
  4. I have a asus directCU II gtx 560 factory OC 925mhz and a corsair gs600 psu.
    I still cant decide if i should go with fx8150 or 2500k for the livestreaming and recording ( i do have good bandwidth and a seperate hdd)
  5. any ideas ?
    getting fx8120 + the mobo is like 30 euros cheaper then 2500k and that mobo but getting 8150 + mobo is same as 2500k + mobo..

    which one to get ?
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