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I was looking into purchasing a brand new laptop built for gaming. I had my eyes on the MSi GT683DXR but was curious if it was compatible with a dual GPU setup, or any MSi laptops for that matter?

If not, are there any laptops one could suggest that could support dual GPUs?

Thanks! :)
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  1. for that price you could build 2 powerful gaming desktops lol :lol: makes no sense whatsoever to buy a gaming laptop
  2. Most laptops do not support dual graphic cards. You should go to MSI's site and look at the product description and details to find anything mentioning dual graphic card support. That's what the person who is potentially going to answer you question will do. Why not cut out the middleman and get the information yourself? It will probably be faster.
  3. laptops with dual graphic wow...
    I just go head build desktop pc is much better.
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