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Graphic card issue

im using a year and a half old hp laptop that has a ati mobile 5xxx installed.
my HDD just died on me a few days ago, i bought a new 1, and installed windows (7) again trouble is my computer acts like it doesnt have a graphic card installed and downloading the driver from amd did not help, its like its not even there.
i had a kinda similar problem when in the past when was unpluging the AC it use to ask me if i want to disactivate the card, and if i did it would never come back on, even when the computer was plugged back to the wall
any1 knows what do i need to press in order to get the card working again?
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    "its like its not even there"
    What does that mean?

    Do you see it in the device manager?
    Are you just getting low frame rates?
    I want to know why you would say "its LIKE its not even there".
  2. If you do see it in device manager, check the properties; Power Management Tab to make sure it is not turning it off to conserve power. (that's probably why it used to ask you)
  3. hey thanks to the quick reply
    anyway.. nop, i cant even find it on the device manager under the display adapters i got not 1 but 2x vga adapters and 1 of them got a small yellow triangle near it and when i click on it it says i got a "code 10" error and that it can not identify it..
    i suppose normally there is where i will find the graphic card name right?
  4. k peeps, ive finally have found the correct driver, so problem is solved
    ty for your time :hello:
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