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Like alot of 460 users I get random freezes but only in games. Its really strange because when I benchmark using Furmark I get no freezes, just in game. The freeze requires a hard reset and naturally ruins gameplay. I love my 460 except for this unwelcome surprise. This has been happening since I built the machine and happens quite randomly. (Sometime not at all sometime 3 time in 30 min please help if you can. I know that there are alot of other threads like this but noone has EXACTLY the same issue I seem to.

AMD PhenomII x4 3.2Ghz
EVGA Gtx 460 1gb
8gb Ripjaw DDR3
Intel SSD (boot drive) 40gb SATAII
Seagate Caviar Black 1TB
750 Raidmax (I think) PSU
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  1. Also I have run MemTest with no errors for those who might thinks its a memory issue. Really don't want to buy a new card :S
  2. I would guess power supply issues. run OCCT and stress your power supply with graphics. I had the same issue on my GTX 470 and it was the PSU
  3. Wow man I think you were right. The +12V value seems really low and then it dies after 7min of stress? Yeah I'm thinking bad PSU. The values fluctuated between 11.43 and 11.58 which seem pretty low to me. What brand do you recommend? I had a raidmax.
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