Dual HD 5670 vs Nvidia 460 sc

Hello guys,
I just bought "SAMSUNG LFD 400MX-2 40 PROFESSIONAL" . it was very expensive so i am running on a very tight bought. So please help me out that i buy x2-ati radeon hd 5670 (512mb GDDR5) or by just 1 Nvidia 460 sc 1gb.
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  1. I prefer a single good card to dual cards. Among other reasons, you avoid potential "microstuttering " issues.
  2. Get the 460; its probably one of the best mid-ranged cards out...
  3. I own the HD 5670

    and I would pick a good 460 1gb

    better than CF the 2 HD 5670s

    if later you can SLI and run 2 460s you would really be in good shape

    I would have to say that the 460 is the best price vs performance card
    on the market

    will be getting harder to get soon
    the sooner you can buy one the better
  4. Easily the GTX 460.5670 crossfire is at best equal to gts 450.Besides you get rock solid NVIDIA drivers,physx plus you can even overclock that card further and it will destroy the 5670 crossfire
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