Ram Speed?

I am using a DDR2 memory and was wondering if the RAM that is being used is running at normal speed and if that speed is ok for my MB.

AMD Athlon II x2 255 Processor 3.1 Ghz (currently running 2GB of RAM)

Manufact : AS Rock
Model: N68C S UCC
I have CPU-Z and here is what it is telling me under Memory Tab...

dram freq : 401.9 Mgz
CL - 6.0 clocks
IRCD - 6 clocks
IRP - 6 clocks
IRAS - 18 clocks
IRC - 24 clocks
CR - 2T

I want to know if I need to speed up my Memory by overclocking or if it is too much since I have been having some issues with my different slots
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  1. That looks alright presuming that the modules are 800Mhz. CPU-Z reports actual speed which is 400 but because of dual data rate effective 800.
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