Max Payne ROCKS!

This is simply the BEST game I have EVER played. The BulletTime™ thing is sooooooo cool. The graphics are amazingly photo-realistic. This engine is going to get licensed out the butt!

-MP Jesse

"Signatures Still Suck"
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  1. What specs are you runnign it on? I have a 400mhz PII, 128MB, Voodoo3 3000. I am waiting for my 1.4ghz athlon cpu so I can finish my new pc. I am DYING TO GET THAT GAME!!
  2. T-bird OC'd from 800 to 1Ghz, GeForce 2 Pro, 512megs of PC2100. Runs great. My buddy has a Voodoo 3 3500 and he says Max Payne runs pretty good on his machine (only does 16bit color though).

    -MP Jesse

    "Signatures Still Suck"
  3. I have a Athlon 1.333ghz, 266FSB, 512MbDDR, 64mbGeforce2Ultra, etc, etc... Game runs with everything on high detail and antistropic (whats the difference between bilinear, trilinear, and antistropic?), antialiasing off, and 1024x760x32 perfectly. When I boost the resolution up to 1280x1024x32 it gets fairly choppy (barely playable). I need a tweak guide for max payne cuz I don't know what the performance changes that occur are when you adjust certain things... hmmm... btw the game ROCKS! I needed something to get me back into the genre and this did it.
  4. it is nice isnt it? unfortunately mines in russian, which isnt a problem for me but thats the price i pay for not paying... lol... totally legal, licenced in russia... nothing against exports...

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  5. Best laugh I ever got:

    Starcraft in Russian: Kudayedam kudajedam...

    I loved it !!!

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  6. Besides all that, going up and buying photoshop for $1 off a rack is pretty cool. On the case it says "cracked by russians" and it gives the Serial code. Yet besides that it looks EXACTLY like the real thing.

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