ATI Radeon 5650 HD problem with games flickering

Hello, I have the following problem - while playing some games the picture tears up and flickers. It happens only on some games no mather the resolution or settings. Here is a picture of the problem:
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  1. The HD 5450/5650 is not meant for serious gaming and high graphics, thats' why you'll experience a lot of this issues. Anyway try to upgrade your GPU's drivers to the latest and see what happens. Also if it's a laptop and the GPU is heating it might cause this issue.

    But i recommend you to upgrade to a better GPU and benefit from the high graphics visuals.
  2. I have Acer Aspire 5740g . This it is a mobility video card for my laptop so I cannot upgrade as you say. It is pretty good for gaming. It is not only the NFS The Run that does not run well. Other games such as Sniper and so ong also have the EXACT same issue. The EXACT same type of blocks show up (or tear trough the picture). I have already the latest drivers. It is not that. It is not overheating.
  3. Download beta drivers?
  4. I'm so sure this is a GPU problem, cause i had the same with HD 5450, GT 210 with high gfx games.

    Beta drivers are for enhancing the high end HD 5K/6K series with special games such as BF3, Rage.
  5. Ok it is a GPU problem but I do not think every 5650 HD has this problem. Is there something wrong with mine? Can it be fixed?
  6. Try to play at low settings, if the problem still presets, try to upgrade to the latest BIOS.
    Also, download GPU-Z and make sure that the temperatures are reasonable.
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