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I would like to buy a graphics card for my computer (if possible as it is old computer). I only want to play games which don't require much power. I know that I should get a new computer really but I don't have a lot of money to spend at the moment. I realise that my computer won't run games very well but any suggestions would be helpful.

Computer Specs
Intel core 2 duo 1.8GHz
PCI eX16

Not sure what else you may need to know :??:
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  1. Your powersupply and budget.
  2. I am assuming you have a low end power supply and very low on budget, so a 6570 or a 6770.
  3. Sorry but I'm new to upgrading computers, so im not sure what you need to know about the PSU. The Maximum cotinuous output - 250w
  4. My budget is around £120.
  5. You'll have to upgrade the psu first to get a mid-high end card.

    What brand is it ? Otherwise you're stuck with something like a GT210 or GT220 i'm afraid.
  6. What power PSU would you suggest I get?
  7. In most cases, you'll have a slow performance because you have a slow CPU.
    So my advice is to upgrade the CPU if possible, the GPU will be hold back by a slower CPU.
    What is your gaming resolution ?
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