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I just recently got a new computer with an radeon HD 6450. The computer powers up fine, and monitor displays the starting windows screen with logo, then the screen goes black. I can only see the mouse, which I can move around the screen. The mouse also runs off the screen to the right, but not the left. As far as I know, this computer was never configured for dual monitors, although it has the capability.

Further info: The first time I booted the computer, it started windows fine, but windows needed to install some updates and restart the computer. After the restart this all started happening. I haven't been able to make any headway with this.

So far, I have changed ports on the video card, changed video cables, changed monitors, and even changed video cards, but nothing seems to have any effect.

I was wondering if there are any video settings in the BIOS that could affect this?

Any ideas?
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  1. Windows issue! Reinstall minimum repair windows!
  2. yes it might be a windows problem, also you can log into safe mode, if everything shows as it seems then the update has made a conflict with the driver and caused issue. If you're able to see windows environment in the safe mode try to do a fresh windows install.
  3. unable to go into safe mode or safe mode with networking, activity by the computer are the same in all three modes. I wasn't sent the windows dvd or the serial number for it with the computer so a fresh install doesn't sound like any option, unless someone knows something I dont.
  4. It's not a GPU issue, try to remove it and plug the monitor cable to the onboard VGA.
    If the GPU has a problem, it will be no signal at all.
  5. Do you have Both the DVI & DSUB (White & Blue) connectors on your monitor plugged in?

    you should only have 1 of the data cables (DVI if possiable or DSUB) and the power to your monitor.
  6. I also tried using the onboard VGA, HDMI and DVI ports.

    I have tried with two monitors plugged in, to see if it was in fact in dual display mode, but both monitors are cloned, so nothing expands from one to the other.

    I only have one cable plugged in right now. I have tried it with one cable plugged into every port on the video card and motherboard.

    It can't be the GPU because i just installed a brand new HD 6870 and it still does the same thing.

    I also tried it with a DVI to VGA adapter from both the onboard video and the video card, all to no avail.

    One thing I didn't try was to unplug the actual video card before trying the onboard video. I'll do that next and let you know.
  7. So next, I removed my video card from the motherboard and allowed the computer to boot up through the onboard video (VGA port), but still the same thing happens.

    I want to just format and reinstall windows, which I have the DVD for, but when I set the boot sequence to dvd rom first, it still boots from the HDD.

    I just cant catch a break with this system.
  8. Go to the BIOS and change the boot order to this order
    1-DVD drive
    3-USB FDD
    4-USB ZIP

    Hope it helps, you don't need to add the 3,4,5 if they aren't alredy there.
    A bios can be accessed by pressing Del, F1, F2 and F10. (Those are the most popular ones) Your BIOS may be different though...

    Good Luck!
    Hope It Helps. :)

  9. I already changed the boot order.
    It currently shows the DVD drive as the 1st boot device, and my primary HDD as the 2nd boot device.

    It still boots from the HDD even in this mode.
  10. Make sure that the DVD ROM/RW can read the WIN DVD.
    Force boot from DVD by hitting F12 or whatever singed for the boot order and then choose DVD ROM/RW.

    If you're not able to boot from the DVD (you don't see the "press any key to boot from CD/DVD") then you have a problem with your DVD ROM/RW or the WIN7 DVD got scratched.
  11. So the seller sent me a copy of his windows 7 system builder and he has it set up weird, or maybe I just don't know what Im talking about. The DVD is readable but the path is as follows:

    Boot/Boot/installer files

    He created an extra subfolder in the boot folder of the dvd. I don't know if that was an error on his part or if its meant to be like that. If that's the case, it may be why my dvd drive cant load it upon start-up. I might have to reburn it under the path with just one subfolder.

    Am I wrong?
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