Help` choosing a power supply

i bought the PC around 2008-2009 did not remember.
my first graphic card are evga 9800gtx
later i replace it.

Antec 900 Mid Tower PC case
corsair H80 liquid CPU cooler.
4 120mm fans, and one top 200MM fans.
a intel quad core Q9450 OC to 3.4GHZ
evga nforce 780i MOBO
intel 520 120GB SSD for window
Patriot 8GB 800MHZ DDR2 Memory 4-4-4-12 2.3v i currenty using 5-5-5-13 2T
and 850MHZ.
2 x Zontac gtx 560 in SLI Graphic card core speed 820Mhz 1024MB GDRR5
on box said minimum 450W PSU or higher
Sunsung syncMaster 2443bW 60HZ 20000: 1 Dynamic contract moniter.

WD 300GB 16MB 10000RPM Harddrive
Toughtpower 700W 80Plus silver moduler PSU

cpu monitor
Cpu 32c
Board 28c
MCP 51c

system volt in BIOS
CPU core 1.41250v
Memory 2.0V
nForce SPP 1.45v
nforce MCco 1.525V
HT nForce SPP <-> MCP 1.25V

My Question
i want to replace a awesome power supply that enough
my system, and no overpower, and better
saving eletricity. == ~ any money is ok for the quality
i got. Please help me choose one.
I need to future to use it on a new bulid. and
i would like to have option to add a other
WD 16mb cache 320GB 10000rpm to do Raid 0

my new build i am not sure, but i would choose
a 6 core intel i7 3930 or better CPU
graphic card and ssd i
will still use it. if it is not enough for the game.
i would replace it to a single graphic card
which gtx 680 or better.
a awesome MOBO. didnot decide it
yet. a corsair case which i like. not sure yet.
I would prefer corsair Power supply .

i would like to Oc my graphic card, my current power supply
can give me OC my graphic card to 930GHZ without increasing
the volt.

Thank you
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    Single GTX 560 or (2) GTX 560 in SLI?
  2. Rugger said:
    Single GTX 560 or (2) GTX 560 in SLI?


    i have 2 gtx 560 in SLI
  3. this thread is done . since there is not more comment.
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