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Hi guys,

Recently my onboard sound decided it's life was at and end. Out of nowhere there was static on the left side, speakers, earphones, tried several but to no avail. I thought the jack was probably broken or something. So, I disabled the onboard sound in the bios, removed its driver and installed a Creative X-Fi Xtreme gamer that I still had laying around. Problem is, it's still giving me static. It seems software based as it only starts when windows is booting, no problem during post. I have the newest drivers and it came out of nowhere, anybody have an idea what it could be?

Thanks guys.
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  1. Small update: I disabled the X-fi drivers and the static stopped. So, I tried the on board again but it did it too. If I remove all drivers it works. When I install either, it starts again. Any chance this could be windows?
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