Which of these cases do you recommend for my first gaming pc?

So I'm building my very first gaming pc and I can't drop any more than about 90-ish on a case, since I'm on a semi-budget. Which of these three cases is the best? I've been agonizing about this for some time. I am intent on something that looks "cool", as silly as I know it sounds.

Coolermaster Storm Enforcer:

Rosewill Blackhawk

Azza Helios

Any advice is appreciated :D
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  1. Phantom 410.
  2. Zero_ said:
    Phantom 410.

    Hm...That is a very nice case. I might go with it.
  3. TheScarecrow97 said:
    Hm...That is a very nice case. I might go with it.

    If you want a sexy budget case under a hundred bucks, the Phantom 410 is the way to go.
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