Which CPU: AMD phenom II x4 965BE or fx 4100

they are both the same price. i wont be gaming or video editing.
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  1. edit i found the fx4100 for $100 and the phenom ii 965BE for $110. which should i get.
  2. What will you be doing with your computer?

    In most cases the Phenom II will perform better, but the FX uses less power and overclocks better. Overclocked performance would be similar since the FX will usually hit 4.5Ghz+
  3. 965 BE. Quasi-quad FX can't keep up without being clocked 20% faster. That means a 4.0 PII would need a 4.8 ghz FX-4xxx.

    For the record, AMD says that a single Bulldozer module has around 80 per cent of the performance of two conventional CPU cores. In other words, a four-module Bulldozer core should be at least as quick as a six-core processor.
  4. Absolutely a Phenom II is a better CPU all around. I'll take 4 real cores to 2 cores +2 pretenders any day.

    The FX uses less power at stock clock rates, however they get very hungry when you start overclocking. Either way though, in terms of your electric bill, the wattage difference of CPUs is pretty insignificant.
  5. Phenom II over FX all day and tomorrow.
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    Thanks guys. I ended up buying the AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition. There's a pretty nice deal on it at Newegg for $110.
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