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I recently bought a trendnet tew-639GR and am disgusted with it. All I want is a 20mbps connection like I would get wired to my modem. Trendnet said that's impossible, I don't believe them. I have a wireless-G adapter and a wireless-N adapter in my two computers, the wireless G is a 10-15 foot straight shot, no obstacles, visual to the router, the wireless N is next to the router, maybe 5 feet, and has a speaker blocking it (I can move things around). Am I able to get 20mbps wirelessly?

Also, I hate dropped connections and rebooting the router, I can deal like that once/week, not 3-4 times/day. I'm also a gamer so I'd use it alot. :)

Any help is appreciated, also please include brands or even links, preferably from newegg. I'm not very up-to-date on networking.

Oh!! Before I forget I also was curious about the router modems.. I'm renting my modem still from comcast - are these a good buy/reliable? I mean would I be better off getting a modem-router rather than a router now and a new non-rented modem later?
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  2. How are you measuring speeds? Make sure you are not comapring speeds in bytes vs. speeds in bits. Is your wired network gigabit or 100? <- has a good speed/range chart.

    Easy to find a better router, just sort by highest reviews in newegg.
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