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About 2 weeks ago i ran a scan with spybot and came up with a smitfraud.c generic. I also saw that i have multiple processes of svchost.exe. I,ve tried malwarebytes, superantispyware, and spybot and they all find some sort of problem but it just ends up coming back. I tried to run smitfraud fix but everytime i run a search the window disappears. If anyone has any solution to this problem please let me know. Thank you
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  1. Its normal to have multiple svchost.exe running.

    Run the metioned apps in safe mode.

    If all else fails backup important stuff and reformat.
  2. I have run them all in safe mode but the smitfraud.c generic is still there after i reboot my computer. I was thinking about reformatting but i don think my laptop ever came with an operating system disk. The only disk i received was a driver disk. Would there be anyway to reformat my system without that disk. My laptop is a dell by the way if that is important.
  3. Most vendors now don't offer much, sometimes a 'recovery cd' but that won't solve the underlying problem, but just cover it up temporarily. Like Daship said, you're best to reformat and start fresh. Make sure you back up important stuff. You can probably try and connect your laptop hard drive into another pc, then try and clean out the malware, sometimes that can work. But if all fails, start fresh
  4. You can ask Dell for a replacement copy of the system restore disk. All they will need is the laptop's model and probably serial number.
    Reformatting does NOT remove some malware; it only goes away after low-level formatting. Keep that in mind when deciding to go that route.
  5. Thank you all for your advice and ill see about trying to reformat my system, but is there any way to get rid of thi smitfraud virus without having to do so. Like I said earlier on the post, I have run malwarebytes, superantispyware, and spybot all in safemode and they remove it but its comes back right when it is removed. I also tried smitfraudfix but the window for it would just close everytime i ran a search. Any suggestions on what i can do would be very helpful as i would rather not reformat. Again thank you for all your replys.
  6. After trying a lot, if you are unable to remove Smitfaud-c.generic then in such critical condition it is necessary to opt for automatic Smitfaud-c.generic removal tool. It can help you to eliminate all the files associated with the infection with minimal effort.

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  7. smit fraud has been patched for years, you need to update your adobe reader, flash and java, and do all your windows updates, you must be really out of date.
    there is a tool to repair the damage that scareware causes
  8. a link to the removal instructions Bleeping Computers
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