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SLI from two different cards (same model)?

So, I purchased the OEM Nvidia 560ti video card at best buy (Nvidia brand) and was wondering if I can set this up with SLI from a different discrete card (Asus, MSI, etc., same model of course)? Will there be any compatibility issues to be concerned with?

for example, I currently have this card installed and would like to link via SLI to this card. Any known compatibility issues?
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    As long as they are both 560 TI's then no issue with any brand just remember the slower of the two cards will be what they both run at speed wise.

  2. Thanks T.
  3. I did this. I bought a PNY card from BB. They stopped carrying it so I got the same from EVGA for sli. The PNY isn't reference design, but both run the stock clocks for the model. It looked kinda wonky having 2 cards in sli with different lengths as well as brands. It didn't create any issues for me. One of the cards overclocks a whole lot better than the other so that's really the only thing I missed out on, by having them both run at the same slower speed.

    I didn't have any gap between the two cards, so I put the one that on its own ran the coolest in the top slot, as it would normally run 10-12 degrees warmer, but still well within the limits.

    You should be fine.
  4. Thanks, I also just notice this is confirmed in the Nvidia SLI FAQ page. Link below for future inquiries.
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