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I installed Radeon HD5450 in my Vista PC to get HDMI output for my TV, including audio. When I started the system for the first time I got video on the HDMI output, but not sound (audio output still worked on sound card). Then I ran the Radeon setup disk, and audio signal appeared on HDMI output and disappeared from sound card output. This was disappointing since I had hoped to send the audio to my theater system on occasion (my TV does not have audio output jack). The toggle between HDMI and speakers in Control Panel does not work (it is HDMI audio or nothing), but I am guessing I can mess around with the BIOS or re-install the sound card drivers to get audio back to the sound card (and probably lose audio on the HDMI output). What I really want is audio output on both the sound card and the video card. Is there any hope I can do this?
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  1. i can't answer your question... but have you checked if maybe a device on the card might not have been properly installed?
    go to hardware manager and look for unknown devices. If yes look up the hardware id and search google.

    I recently installed W7 on my system and some audio device on the card wasn't installed properly and showed up as an unknown device.
    i haven't solved this yet because i will not use w7 with that gpu.

    hope you find the error so you can enjoy your sound system.
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