5970 + 6970 Crossfire..?

I'm not the greatest with Crossfire, and am fairly unknown to GPUs anyways. So, I was wondering, I have an opportunity to buy a Radeon HD 5970 for only $300 - should I do it? Or should I just buy another 6970 for $250 or so? Would I be able to crossfire a 5970 + 6970, if not, how would the performance compare to 2 6970's as to a single 5970?

Thanks. If you'd like to know anything else about my rig please ask.

P.S - Would a 750w fare well with 2x6970 or 5970 + 6970 if that is possible?
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  1. No, you'll not be able to crossfire the 5970 with the 6970.

    You will see better performance with 26970's than one 5970.

    Your 750w psu should work fine. The only question is - what brand is it?
  2. It's a Kingwin - yeah, I know, not too great of a brand.
  3. two 6970's is $600 + so you will not see double the performance. But if you already have one 6970, then adding a second in CF is your best bet.
  4. Kingwin can be a great brand, depends on the model.
  5. Well, the only thing that really matters with the brand is life expectancy.

    The thing that is really dependent on whether or not you can run two. Is how much you have on your 12v rail(s). Also having enough Pcie connectors.
  6. Here's the specs: http://www.kingwin.com/products/cate/power_supplies/mk_750.asp

    What do you guys think? And yeah, I already have a 6970, lol.
  7. Bump? It's 660w on the 12v rail.
  8. This is the only thing that worries me...
    Two PCI express connectors 8 pin (6 +2 Pin)
    That means you don't have enough pcie connections for a second card. They do have converters - but i wouldn't suggest it. (You know, four pin molex to pcie)?
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