My first build (around 1000 dollars)

So I'm relatively new to this stuff and just put together a decent gaming computer. I plan on buying it in a week and I feel like im overspending on things or maybe I just dont have the right stuff.

can you give it a look and let me know if I can improve something on a performance/price basis?

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  1. i5 2500K + Patriot 8GB DDR3 1600 $241
    Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 $122
    Antec 650w $75
    Diamond 7970 3GB $550
    Nova 2 60GB $85 ($10 MIR)
    Corsair 400R + Seagate 500GB $165 ($10 MIR)
    Asus DVD Drive $19
    Cooler Master Hyper 212+ $27
    Total: $1284 before rebates

    Just a suggestion, I know it's above your budget and I don't include keyboard/speakers/mouse. But spending just a little more it's way more worth it. Mainly because you get that 7970.
    7970 vs 570
    It's so much better but I did have to cut back on other things, but overall I think this build would be better.
  2. I'll look that over. thanks for taking the time to help
  3. thats too expensive. I know 7970 is obviously better, but its not in my budget. I'm only using one monitor. im sure 570 will suffice
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