HP desktop shutting off with no warning.... Please help.

I have an HP Pavilion desk top computer and have had it about 3 years. It is a wonderful computer and never have had any problems until here recently. The pc will shut off at random during different applications or games being run. I am a college student and have online lectures I must listen to through powerpoint. I get about halfway through a lecture and it will shut off. I will turn it back on, have to go back online to get back into the lecture for it to do it in another 5 minutes. Sometimes it is 5 minutes after turning back on sometimes hours but it keeps shutting off. I have used compressed air and my vacuum to clean out the vents and get all the dust out. I have also unplugged and replugged everything back in. I have moved the tower to a different location to try and promote better air circulation yet it still continues to shut off.

I am not sure if it is overheating or if it could be a different problem. My husband also uses the pc and uses it to play World Of Warcraft. He used to play for hours and nothing would happen but lately he can play for an hour and it will shut off.

Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks.
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  1. Could still be heat.There might be a buildup of dust in the fins of the heat sink under the CPU fan. You can check your temps by running Speccy from here

  2. Thank you! I did this and it was showing my CPU temp at 105C. Did some work and got it down to 48C. Thanks!

    I also was unaware that I had needed to dust out the inside not just the outside of the fans. So I took the side off, with some help from geek squad phone support, and got all of the dust form the inside cleaned out. Lesson learned, make sure to clean out the inside of the tower!!
  3. Aye, dust-in-the -fins biggest killer of motherboards known to man... looks like you got to it just in time before it caused real damage!
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